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Celine: ‘I get inspired by people, art and books’

What three words describe you best?
“Active, energetic, fluctuating like a wave.”

When are you most happy?
“When I manage to find balance. It’s in those moments when I feel at peace. It’s not the peak moments when I feel most happy, but more when I’m calm. When I take the time to contemplate on life and try to put everything in perspective. The moments when I’m happy and content with what I have.”

What in life is beautiful to you?
“Nature is beautiful to me, I love to go hiking. Also the relationships and interactions with people. I definitely find inspiration in my interactions with people, in arts and also in books.”

What is something you think every person should experience once in their lifetime?
“The deep kind of travelling that expands your horizon. And having strong and deep relationships with people you love, that’s so important in life.”

What books, people and podcasts inspire you?
‘I’m not a big fan of self-development books, I prefer novels and poetry. I like to listen to podcasts about societal issues, empowered woman, vulnerability and peoples personal experiences. The people I like best are mostly people I can have fun with. The people who don’t forget to laugh and the ones I share a deep connection with.”

Celine is a yoga teacher. She is originally from France, but currently living in Amsterdam.

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